Korea is My True Motherland

During my visit to the DPRK for the 2nd General Meeting of Members of the Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il Foundation,
I participated in the celebration events of the DPRK’s 70th founding anniversary and looked round the International Friendship Exhibition House. I can hardly repress my unusual excitement and burning passion.  

As I spent my childhood in the DPRK, the feeling of reverence and yearning for President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il is particularly greater than that of anybody else.

I regard the DPRK as my genuine motherland as I grew up in socialist Korea, the genuine people’s country, without envy in the world under the benefits of free medical care and free education. Even nowadays I and my family lay floral baskets at the statues of the great leaders in the border city of Sinuiju every New Year’s Day, unable to forget the benevolence and affection.

This time, I presented gold-printed photo “The great Marshal Kim Jong Un, the guardian of global peace” to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in praise of his immortal exploits of brilliantly carrying forward the sacred revolutionary cause of the great leaders and ushering in a new era of peace and prosperity on the Korean peninsula by spearheading the world politics with his strong and bold grit and courage.

With pride and dignity of being the member of the KKF, I will devote my all to an undertaking to hold the great leaders in high esteem as the eternal Sun of Juche by carrying on the tradition of the precious Sino-DPRK friendship provided by the preceding leaders.

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