Masterpiece Offers Window into DPRK

Grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance The Glorious Country created a great sensation among foreign viewers.
Here are some of their impressions on the extravaganza:

“I’m very glad to see such a wonderful performance that can be found nowhere else in the world. The Korean people have really incredible strength and talents. The performance gave a vivid portrayal of the exploits President Kim Il Sung performed for the nation-building cause and the exploits Chairman Kim Jong Il performed as he defended socialism by dint of Songun politics. I have especially been touched by the happy voices of children in the scene of ‘We are the happiest in the world’.” (A member of the party of the chairman of the Nepal Journalists Association for the Study of the Juche Idea and Songun Politics)

“I have seen an enrapturing performance. I cannot understand how they make those many performers move like one. This performance should be shown to the US people so that they can realize that such a happy people never does any evil deed. I like it especially because love for the country runs through the performance from start to finish.” (A member of the delegation of the Kim Jong Suk Women’s Union of Russia)

“Previously, grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance Arirang was well-known to the world. I wanted to see it very much, but I have fulfilled my wish by seeing The Glorious Country on my visit to the DPRK. All the performers including children and students move like one as if they are controlled by a computer, they are highly skilful and the computer image processing has made the performance more gorgeous. Through the performance I have realized that the Korean people always remember President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.” (A member of the party of the deputy director-general of the International Institute of the Juche Idea)

Grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance The Glorious Country had a great impact on the world as evidenced by the impressions of foreigners who said that “the performance is the world’s best masterpiece that can be seen only in Juche Korea”, “no country in the world except the DPRK can create such a large-scale art piece which so many people perform perfectly by concerted action” and “it is just the pride of human civilization that there exists such a wonderful art piece in the world”.

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