Confess of Andreyeva

It was on October 14 Juche 88(1999) when Chairman Kim Jong Il met with Nina Andreyeva, general secretary of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks of Russia, who visited the DPRK.

Completely fascinated by the Chairman`s great personality at the first moment meeting him, Nina Andreyeva told him in details of the activities done by her party and the current situation in Russia. 

After listening carefully to her speaking, he said that if a country has no independence in politics it is sure to be ruined at last and although there may be trials one can prospectively develop its economy only when he depends on its own force.

The parties aspiring after socialism must steadily maintain their classic principle and it is necessary to strengthen ideological and political work with main focus being concentrated on making broad masses united around the party, and a party which fails to enjoy the support and trust of the masses cannot successfully attain its goal, he added.

After the talk he invited her to a dinner party.

He personally placed dishes in front of her and helped her to some more food. He sincerely said that it is a pity that her husband could not make it with her as he died and that he saw with close interest the congratulatory messages she had sent on holidays.

That day she told her excited feelings to an official accompanying her in the following effect.

Truly Chairman Kim Jong Il is the greatest man in the world who is best in ideology, leadership and virtue. The more I meet with him, the more I am so attracted to his noble ideology, benevolent personality and warm humanity that I can`t calm my excited feelings. I am so attracted to him spiritually that I totally lost my heart to him humanly. What a happy thing it is to admire and follow wholeheartedly such a peerless man who is great, benevolent and humane. Truly, I envy you, who have such great man as Chairman Kim Jong Il as your leader, so much that I may be jealous of it. …

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