Blessed Korean Mothers

As the revival of all things is inconceivable without the sunshine, the genuine life enjoyed by Korean mothers can never be thought apart from the embrace of the peerlessly great men of Mt Paektu.

President Kim Il Sung earnestly said that the Korean mothers have a heavy duty to bring up their children into good revolutionaries at the national conference of mothers held on November 16 some 50 years ago for the first time in the country.

Chairman Kim Jong Il led mothers and women to discharge their duty for the times with warm love and trust by carrying on the intention of the President who set it as an important policy to relieve of the burden of mothers in deep consideration of their selfless devotion and trouble and had always been attentive to making housewives become proud social members and fine examples of their children.

The lives of all mothers on this land who unstintedly dedicate their love and passion to the rosy future of their families and country shine more brightly under the warm blessing of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

The Supreme Leader enacted the day when the 1st national conference of mothers was held in the presence of the President as the Day of Mothers and ensured that a conference was held with splendour to mark the day.

The trust and love of the Supreme Leader who stood exemplary mothers discharging their duty for sake of the country and nation at the platform of honour are deeply kept in the hearts of mothers even at present.

Under the meticulous care and blessings of the peerlessly great men, the Korean mothers are powerfully turning one of the two wheels of the revolution as they bring up the future of the country by dedicating their pure mind.

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