Old People Lead Happy Lives under Government Care

The aged population is on the steady rise worldwide and the ageing of population gives rise to serious social problems. In many countries the elderly, who should spend their remaining years under the protection and care of the family and society, are subjected to discrimination and violence and considered a public nuisance.

In the DPRK, however, the Central Committee of the Korean Federation for the Protection of the Disabled was organized long ago to ensure the rights and interests of the elderly and unified organization of and guidance over the protection of the old people.

And it adopted the Law on the Protection for the Aged to provide a legal guarantee for respecting the elderly and providing them with better living conditions.

Under the particular concern of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un for the revolutionary forerunners, modern old people’s homes have been built in different parts of the country, in which old people spend their remaining years without worries, enjoying every state benefit.

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