Eternal Guideline

Late in June 1979 President Kim Il Sung climbed Mt Paektu.

At the summit he looked round the mountain with a beaming smile on his face.

Mt Paektu was a historic place where Kim Il Sung fought against Japanese imperialist aggressors. Scores of years passed since then but it preserved its lofty and stately appearance and seemed delighted and excited at greeting again the young commander who was in his 20s.

Kim Il Sung said that Mt Paektu looked imposing and magnificent to see at any time.

Casting his eyes on a chain of mountain ridges, he said after a while that Maanshan was in sight, adding that Maanshan was so called because it looked like a saddle. He then was overcome with a deep thought.

That day he told the accompanying officials about Maanshan and Neidaoshan and referred to the need to intensify the education in the revolutionary traditions among the Party members and other working people through Mt. Paektu, so as to convey forever the exploits and experiences the Korean revolutionaries performed and gained in the days of the anti-Japanese war under the banner of Juche.

His instructions on steadfastly defending the revolutionary traditions and vigorously conducting education in the revolutionary traditions served as an important guideline the Korean people should hold fast to in their struggle.

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