New Fish Restaurant Adds to People’s Pleasure and Well-being

Fashionably designed in the shape of a pleasure boat floating on the Taedong River, the Pyongyang Taedonggang Fish Restaurant is very inviting.

Schools of fishes swimming in indoor ponds in various shapes are spectacular and dishes served at dining halls are so mouthwatering that all diners go into ecstasies over them.

Everyone is happy to visit the restaurant which consists of the Hwanggumhae dining hall that provides a wide view of the Taedong River and serves different fish soups, a hall for unique sashimi noodle hash, an instant dish booth where customers can pick what they want among sturgeons, Ryongjong fish, rainbow trout and other fishes swimming in a pond under the tables as well as characteristically furnished dining halls for national, oriental and Western dishes and sushi.

It is alluring that customers can taste anything from river, sea and land then and there, and more popular is the affordable price for common people and the careful and fine service which strikes people with admiration.

The happy laughter of the people will reverberate forever at the public catering facility.

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