Drill of Mortar Sub-Units of KPA Corps Observed

A drill of mortar sub-units of the corps of the Korean People’s Army took place at a stirring time when the hot wind of revolution in training is sweeping across the army and the fierce flame of modernizing weapons and equipment is flaring up to increase the combat efficiency of the KPA under the far-reaching plan and energetic leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea to build up the country’s defense capability, as well as at a time when the unprecedented laudable achievements are being made one after another in developing the national defense capabilities.

Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and Supreme Commander of the armed forces of the DPRK, oversaw the drill.

The drill was seen by officials of the WPK Central Committee.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was greeted at the training ground by Army General Kim Su Gil, director of the General Political Bureau of the KPA, Army General Pak Jong Chon, chief of the General Staff of the KPA, and KPA corps commanders.

The KPA service personnel were full of pride and self-confidence in participating in the drill under the guidance of the Supreme Leader, who is making ceaseless journey to the frontline from the outset of the year with a far-reaching plan to bring about another innovative leap forward in strengthening the combat efficiency of the KPA this year greeting the 75th founding anniversary of the glorious WPK, while ushering in a heyday of the development of the revolutionary armed forces by dint of his gifted military strategic idea and outstanding art of command.

The drill was aimed at judging and estimating the firepower combat capabilities of mortar-men of each KPA corps through a method of competition, boosting enthusiasm for military training and expanding the achievements, and learning about the power of light guns and heavy weapons of the KPA.

The drill was conducted in such a way as to set the firing order by drawing lots, according to which mortar unit selected from different corps takes firing positions and opens fire on the targets, and choose the winner by summing up their hits and the time taken to execute the mission.

The KPA corps commanders commanded the firing of their own mortar sub-units, according to their determination.

When they gave orders, artillery pieces opened fire all at once, reducing the targets to a sea of flames in a moment.

In the drill, the mortar-men gave full play to their skills which they have trained through ceaseless trainings to possess the capability for fighting an actual war advanced by the Party. They demonstrated the combat efficiency of a-match-for-a-hundred artillerymen fully ready to carry out any firepower support combat mission.

The Supreme Leader expressed great satisfaction over the fact that all the corps of the KPA fully accepted the Party’s idea of attaching importance to the artillery and prepared well the firepower sub-units for a modern war in the flames of the movement to win the title of crackshots. Noting that he had never seen such a drill of sub-units firing guns so well, he said he ordered the sub-units to move to the training ground and organized the drill by surprise, but the results of the drill were so amazing. He stressed that he was really pleased and happy to see shells hitting the targets just as if they had eyes.

He repeatedly spoke highly of the amazing marksmanship of the mortar companies of each army corps that got very high points, including the 2nd Army Corps and 10th Army Corps which accurately hit the targets with all 60 shells fired. He extended his thanks to all of them in the firepower positions.

Greatly excited to be honoured with the thanks from the Supreme Commander, the gunners burst into cheers of hurrah in great delight and happiness.

A certificate of master gunner, medal and badge were awarded to the mortar company under the 2nd Army Corps which won the first place in the drill, and the certificates of master gunner sub-unit and badges to all the sub-units which scored eye-opening marks in the competition.

The Supreme Leader specified important tasks for artillery training and modernization of artillery pieces. He said that it is important to intensify trainings to make good use of light guns and heavy weapons like mortars in operations and combats. He underscored the need to step up efforts to perfect combat preparedness of artillerymen under the slogan of prioritizing the artillery, as the use of artillery forces in the modern warfare is the most important factor decisive of victory in the operations and battle and furthermore in the war.

The militant spirit and enthusiasm of all the sub-units that took part in the drill under the guidance of the Supreme Leader and other artillerymen are now going sky high.


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