Masterpiece Admired by All

The grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance The Glorious Country was given for dozens of days at May Day Stadium on picturesque Rungna Island in Pyongyang in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the DPRK, amid great interest shown by locals and foreigners.

Every time, the stadium was packed with local and foreign peoples and overseas Koreans who came to see the stellar performance.

The viewers of the performance, which represented the proud 70-year history of the DPRK that has advanced under the leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea in an epic picture, lavished praise on it, saying it is unique in form and content and fascinating and thrilling to see.

They were enraptured by the sights of a large national flag hoisted amid the playing of the national anthem, such words as “The glorious country” and “Long live Korea” formed over the nocturnal sky of the capital by controlling well over a hundred drones and various shapes of dazzling fireworks.

They were drawn into a world of mysteries created by the large-sized background, music, dance, gymnastics, acrobatics, 3D laser projector, moving lights and other illumination effects and stage settings to which latest techniques were applied.

The audience burst into applause when the background scenes unfurled rhythmically, formations of performers changed in a flash and performers executed diverse and dynamic dance and gymnastic movements and did spectacular stunts firing cascade, low-flying and various other fireworks.

Grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance The Glorious Country that shook the world is a masterpiece of the times created at the proposal and under the energetic guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and a hymn to the motherland associated with his fervent patriotism and matchless wisdom.

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