Unanimously Approved Designs of National Flag and Emblem

One spring day in Juche 37(1948), anti-Japanese war heroine Kim Jong Suk had a talk with an official over the designs of the national flag and emblem.

She quoted General Kim Il Sung as saying that the ground colour of the national flag should be red that symbolizes the blood of the martyrs who fought for the freedom and independence of the country and the revolutionary forces rallied around the Party, and the flag should bear a sign symbolic of the Korean people’s spirit and a five-point star symbolic of the victorious future.

Later, on the eve of the deliberation on the designs, Kim Il Sung was lost in deep thought at his desk, seeing the designs until late at night. He told Kim Jong Suk that he was dissatisfied with the blast furnace in the emblem design, and asked her what about replacing it with something related to electrification.

She agreed with him and suggested putting a power station in the design.

Very satisfied with the suggestion, he drew the model of the Suphung Power Station in the design with a pencil.

The designs of the national emblem and flag created thus got the unanimous approval of those present in the deliberation.

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