Maintain Independence

It happened one day decades ago.

President Kim Il Sung sat together with his counterpart of a country on his foreign tour and gave candid and clear answers to his questions.

What the foreign president wanted to know the most was the experience of the Workers’ Party of Korea founded and led by Kim Il Sung and the issue of independence the WPK had maintained constantly in the revolution and construction.

That day, Kim Il Sung explained to him the matters of principle to be maintained in party building and activities, stressing that there could be neither “superior and inferior parties” nor “parent and child parties” in the world.

His remarks of weight had a big impact on the president.

The latter kept nodding as he repeated his words again and again.

Kim Il Sung earnestly told the excited president that independence was the demand of the present time.

The latter said he came to be well aware of how the WPK carried on the revolution and construction in an original way, and affirmed that his party would hold fast to independence and never be a “child party”.

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