People’s Joy overflows at Tremendously-changed Jungphyong Area

The village of the Jungphyong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm has been built splendidly as a model of modern socialist rural village construction on the east coast in the northern tip of Korea. Locals have recently moved into new houses.

Smart low-storeyed dwelling houses for hundreds of families, a school, kindergarten, nursery and public service facilities have conveniently sprung up in the Jungphyong area. The large-sized modern vegetable greenhouse farm and a tree nursery blend in well with the scenery of the east coast, unfolding a beautiful picture.

It is the reality that can only be created in the benevolent socialist system that the dwelling houses, which were wonderfully built boasting another civilization in the era of the Workers` Party, have been provided to ordinary working people amid the growing joy of the people who are enjoying all blessings of socialism under the affectionate care of the motherly Party.

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