Photo Session with Participants in Special Workshop

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, on July 8 had a photo session with the participants in the Special Workshop for Officials in the Party Life Guidance Sections of Organizational Departments of Party Committees at All Levels of the WPK at the garden of the office building of the Party Central Committee.

Present at the photo session were Jo Yong Won, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau and secretary for Organizational Affairs of the WPK Central Committee, and Ri Hi Yong and Chon Thae Gil, first deputy directors of the Organizational Leadership Department of the Party Central Committee.

When General Secretary Kim Jong Un came out of the office building, all the participants raised enthusiastic cheers for the outstanding thinker and theoretician and great teacher who provided an immortal, great programme for party-building in the new era with his profound and unique ideo-theoretical activities and glorified the special workshop as an occasion of an epochal turn for writing a new chapter of strengthening the entire Party through his energetic guidance.

He extended warm greetings of encouragement to the participants who put their heart and soul into preparing themselves to be competent political officials and true communists firmly armed with the revolutionary idea of the Party Central Committee and possessed of the revolutionary traits and leadership art of the Party during the workshop, bearing in mind the intention of the Party Central Committee that organized the special workshop at an important and historic time when the Korean revolution has entered a new phase of development.

Saying that the hard-core members defending the main guidance line of the Party Central Committee have correctly understood the Party’s idea of prioritizing Party life guidance and grasped in depth the Juche-oriented Party work principle and the secret of Party political activities, being conscious of the expectations of millions of Party members and all other people, he pointed out that this served as the greatest encouragement to the WPK that is staunchly ushering in the period of overall development of socialism by giving the fullest play to the fighting efficiency and activity of Party organizations and the inexhaustible mental strength of the people.

He repeatedly and earnestly asked the officials in the Party life guidance sections, who passed another crucial course for strengthening the Party, to bear in mind their renewed oath and fully discharge the role of blood vessels and nerves firmly connecting Party organizations with the Party Central Committee as one organism in their revolutionary workplaces with firm faith and will and become standard-bearers in strengthening the entire Party.

Expressing his expectations and conviction that all the participants would fulfil their important responsibilities by bringing about a radical turn in organizing and guiding the Party life of officials and other Party members, holding fast to the major four-point principles and six-point tasks assigned at the workshop, he had a picture taken with them.

The courtyard of the Party Central Committee was full of the participants’ profound gratitude and single-minded loyalty to him, who lavishes warm love of kinship on the officials in the Party life guidance sections, who are standing in the van of the struggle for radically boosting the leadership and fighting efficiency of the WPK, despite his tight schedule.

He met with the officials, who proved excellent at the examination of political and practical abilities held during the workshop, and posed for a photo with them.

All the participants were full of fervent enthusiasm to fulfil their honourable mission and heavy duty as the first bodyguard of the Party Central Committee and the main locomotive for implementing the Party’s policies by dedicating themselves to accomplishing the sacred cause for developing the Party and successfully advancing socialist construction with new readiness, firm will and fresh traits, upholding the revolutionary idea and unified leadership of the General Secretary as their lifeline.


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