Factory Full of Vernal Fragrance

The Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory is always full of fragrant and fresh scent like a garden of blooming flowers emitting sweet fragrance in spring.

Established on September 23 1949 by President Kim Il Sung as the country’s first cosmetics producer, the factory has steadily developed into the one that serves the people and become familiar with the people for its Pomhyanggi cosmetics under the loving care of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the factory in June 2018 and said that he would take charge of the factory and help it well as he made the rounds of different production processes which are automated, sterilized and dust-free and the sample show room as well.

Vernal fragrance of loving the people is always overflowing on this land as the DPRK is led by the Supreme Leader who is translating the noble desire of the great leaders into reality.

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