In the Days of the Anti-Japanese Warfare (2)

Money Left with the Innkeeper

Advancing into the homeland in March 1933, President Kim Il Sung had noodles in a pub together with some people. Leaving the place he thanked the innkeeper again and again, when a girl stepped into the room. She was a daughter of the keeper, and she was almost in rags, her elbow-worn jacket and patched black cotton skirt too small for her probably because she had worn them for years.

When the Commander asked her to his side she made a bow politely, and would not come up to him chewing her lips. It seemed she felt ashamed of her clothes though she was a little girl.

Learning that the keeper was assisting the revolutionaries sincerely although he was unable to clothe his dear children properly, Kim Il Sung offered him a sum of money, asking to buy some clothes for his children.

When the keeper refused to accept the offer, Kim Il Sung apologetically asked him to understand his situation when he could do no more than offering such a small pay. Then, he said that although they could not clothe or feed their children properly at the moment, they would be able to send their children to school and give them nice clothes when a good world came in the future. He appealed to all those present on the occasion to rise up in the struggle to hasten the day of happy life.

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