Lesson Drawn after Boasting

On September 14, 1999, Kim Jong Il visited Janggang Army-People Youth Power Station No. 3.

He said with a delighted look that the power project was bringing many benefits–generating electricity, adding beauty to the landscape and providing favourable conditions for raising fish.

He asked a county official what species of fish were in the river.

The latter said proudly that it was teeming with carps, goldfish, silver carps and rainbow trout.

He seemed to be boasting of his mountainous county rich in fish resources.

Other officials nodded in agreement at one another.

But Kim Jong Il looked dubiously at the official. Saying to himself that there were carps, goldfish, silver carps and rainbow trout in the river in front of the farm, he wondered about the temperature of the water.

The official could say nothing. He did not know the temperature, nor did he understand why Kim Jong Il was skeptical about his remark.

The same was true of other officials.

Reading their minds, Kim Jong Il explained, “Rainbow trout grow well in water of 10 to 12℃.”

After he left the farm, the officials surveyed the river out of curiosity, only to find no trace of rainbow trout there.

Carps, goldfish and silver carps grow in water of 24 to 30℃, so they cannot co-exist with rainbow trout.

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