Thirty-minute Wait

One Sunday in May Juche 102(2013) Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un inspected the Pyongyang Municipal Children’s Climbing Camp on Mt Myohyang without rest.

He went there without prior notice and looked round different places of the camp associated with on-the-spot guidance by President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, and happened to asked the camp’s official where the children were.

When he was told that they were climbing up the mountain, he asked him again when they would return, as he wanted to see children enjoying pleasant camping days.

If he came there and return without meeting and having photos taken with campers, they would be very disappointed, he said, adding he would go back after seeing them though he was busy.

The children were surprised as they came back from enjoyable mountain-climbing without knowing what happy event was awaiting them.

They wept tears of joy as it seemed like a dream to pose for a photograph with the Supreme Leader who had waited for them with fatherly affection.

His 30-minute wait for them was a show of his immense love.

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