For Fear of Any Slightest Inconvenience

One day in July Juche 101 (2012), Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the near-to-completion Ryugyong Health Complex despite the midsummer heat.

It seems as if it was a few days ago when he visited the construction site of the health complex and was briefed on it in front of a large picture, but it has undergone tremendous changes in the period, he said delightedly after entering the splendidly-built spacious hall.

An official told him who was wearing a big smile on his face that they planned to build the entrance hall into a lobby hall.

As the complex is not a theatre, there is no need to lay carpets on the entrance hall, the Supreme Leader said after hearing the official’s explanation. It will be good to build a platform in this space, set up stone sculptures and build a stall to serve soft drinks to the visitors, he asserted as he pointed to the need to add benches to the hall as befitting a lobby.

He also looked round the salt, pine and stalactite saunas on the first floor in turn and advised officials to give top and absolute priority to the people’s convenience, saying benches should be provided so that bathers can have a sauna comfortably from their seats.

That day, officials were deeply moved by the warm love of the Supreme Leader who is concerned about the people’s life more than anybody else lest they feel any slightest inconvenience in their cultured life.

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