Hot Spring-Natural Resource of the DPRK

There are many hot springs good for health and medical treatment of the people in the DPRK.

President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il devoted their time and energy to developing the abundant resources to make all the people fully enjoy them. 

The President took measures to survey and exploit mineral water resources and build rest homes and sanatoriums for the people in all places with mineral water and hot spring, clear water and fresh air.     

The Chairman saw a stream of hot spring on his way to field inspection and ensured that the area was developed into a holiday and hot spring resort. And he took every step to make rest homes and sanatoriums across the country ring with happy laughter of the working people who spent a good time there.

As he inspected the hot spring area in Yangdok County, South Phyongan Province, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un put forward an idea of developing a comprehensive and modern model hot spring resort where people can get medical treatment, do some sightseeing and have a rest, and wisely led the project to build it wonderfully.

Many overseas Korean and foreign visitors to the hot springs said in unison that its hot springs refreshed their bodies and minds and they did not want to leave.

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