Officials and Scientists in Anti-epidemic and Public Health Sectors Met

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, on August 10 met and congratulated exemplary officials and scientists in the anti-epidemic and public health sectors who have contributed to winning victory in the top emergency anti-epidemic campaign.

The participants could hardly repress their surging emotion coming from the great happiness that they had met at the venue of the glorious meeting with the great Comrade Kim Jong Un who has reliably protected the well-being of the country and the people and demonstrated before the world the indomitable stamina of socialist Korea by bringing about a miraculous victory to be specially recorded in the world history of public health with his far-sighted wisdom and tirelessly energetic leadership.

Kim Jong Un gave pep-talks to those officials and scientists, who have made a special contribution to the campaign against the malignant epidemic during the top emergency anti-epidemic system, true to the popular and scientific anti-epidemic and health policies of the Party and the government, warmly taking hands of them one by one.

He said with high appreciation that the workers in the anti-epidemic and public health sectors are the genuine patriots in our era, not less brave than frontline fighters who devotedly defended the security of the country and the people at the cost of their blood during the Fatherland Liberation War, as they have exerted all their energy, wisdom and sincerity in the struggle for protecting the lives of the people entrusted by the Party and the state.

Noting that they had taken great pains to successfully defuse the serious epidemic spread crisis in the country and restore the stability of anti-epidemic situation, he said that the Party Central Committee holds the loyalty to the Party and the revolution, the devotion to the people and the responsibility for duty displayed by the red anti-epidemic and health workers of the Party more valuable than fabulous wealth.

Saying that the Party’s expectation for the workers and scientists in the anti-epidemic and public health sectors, the defenders of our social system which is the best in the world and the reliable protectors of the people’s lives, is very high, he stressed the need for them to enhance their responsibility and role in the work for ensuring that our people lead a long life in good health thanks to the substantial benefits and protection provided by the best public health and anti-epidemic systems.

Expressing his belief that all the participants would meet the demands of the times and the revolution and make a positive contribution to the advance and development of the country by registering bigger successes in the anti-epidemic campaign while further consolidating the already-achieved victory with their invariable loyalty and spirit of devoted service to the people, he had a meaningful photo session with them.

Presenting their deep gratitude to him who personally brought about a great victory, being active as the commander-in-chief of the anti-epidemic war but bestows all honors on them, the participants pledged to work hard as befits a genuine communist who thoroughly embodies the advantages of our Party’s policy and our social system in the anti-epidemic and public health practice, regarding the great trust of the Party Central Committee as the most valuable asset for life.


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