General Kim Jong Il, Paektu Shining Star held in Reverence by Nation 1

Paektu Shining Star was born

Eighty years ago, in the darkness of national sufferings, the Korean people looked forward to Mt. Paektu only with an ardent desire, because Mt. Paektu where President Kim Il Sung was being revered by all compatriots as the Sun of the nation was a center which focused the soul and spirit of all the people.

February 16, Juche 31 (1942)! On this day the news that the Shining Star rose from Mt. Paektu circulated rapidly like warm spring sunlight that brightens all over Korea.

The birth of Chairman Kim Jong Il who rose as the Paektu Shining Star was a great stroke of luck that promised the endless victory and hope to the Korean people who were going to open up the road to the revival of the country.

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