Without Allowing Even a Drop of Rain

It was one day in May Juche 101 (2012) when the area of Changjon Street was undergoing total facelift into a gigantic creation to be presented to the people.

That day, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un came to the street to learn about the construction of public service amenities.

Whenever he gave instructions in different service facilities, officials keenly realized that how much he speculates and puts his heart and soul for the people’s convenience.

It was when he went to the stall section.

As he looked into a stand to study in detail, he suddenly stopped his eyes at its upper part.

Looking at the dubious officials, he said pent roofs should be installed at stalls without condition in order to prevent people from being exposed to rain.

It was the lofty intention of the Supreme Leader that he could not allow his beloved people would expose to even a drop of cold rain in front of outdoor stalls, though it would be negligible.

People would have seen new pent roofs which came into being with the simultaneous change of the form of outdoor stands in streets.

They were delighted to see them, but no one knew that they were brought into existence under the warm care of the people’s father.

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