Adjutant Got Stuck by His Logic

It was one spring day in Juche 60(1971).

Giving field guidance to South Hamgyong Province, President Kim Il Sung summoned his adjutant and told him his plan to inspect Hamhung City and some other places of the Province.

Having checked the road and bridges, he realized that the road was ill-conditioned against his expectation. He was back soon and reported the President of the road situation and then told him that he could not go on that road.

The President said that he could not cancel his inspection plan because of ill-conditioned road and that he had to start quickly rather saying that he hasn’t travelled on good roads only.

His adjutant repeated his saying that the President would find it difficult to go because the road was rugged.

He insisted stubbornly as never before, but the President smiled brightly, saying that he and his adjutant would also go safely as he had seen him arrived safely.

The adjutant was dumbfounded.

No one can go on that road. But there is one man who has already gone and come back on that road. Then, we, too, can safely go on that road. Having such a logical way of thinking, he felt he could find no reason against him.

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