Under Loving Care of Motherland

Persons with disabilities in the DPRK enjoy a genuine life with nothing to envy in the world thanks to the policy of protecting disabled persons under the socialist system.

The happy- and optimism-filled looks of them who take an active part in social activities in accordance with their physical preparedness and psychological features and receive public applause for their high artistic ability and sports skills which are as good as those of professionals represent the true feature of socialist Korea.

After seeing the performance given by the Pyongyang exchange group of persons with disabilities, foreigners said that they have seen an impressive performance beyond imagination, adding that they could have a better understanding of the reality of the DPRK which provides the disabled persons with excellent educational conditions.

The disabled persons, whose talents and wishes come into full bloom in the embrace of the benevolent country that gives the joy of life and ensures bright prospect, are the chorus leaders and heroes of song We Are the Happiest in the World sung by the Korean people with their whole heart.

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