Principles of Building Genuine People’s Government

President Kim Il Sung advanced tasks and ways for the people’s government in fulfilling its mission as a servant of people in his speech, Let Us Further Strengthen the People’s Government, at the First Session of the Sixth Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK on December 15, 1977.

The President explained that it was an honourable mission for the people’s government to serve the working masses faithfully and that the people’s government should regard the defence and protection of their interests as its duty, adding that the officials of the people’s organs of power should be servants of people.

He elucidated that socialist democracy should be given fuller scope in all sectors of state activities so that the people’s government can carry out its mission as a faithful servant of people.

He proved scientifically that the democracy which the people’s government should implement in its activities is socialist democracy which makes policies according to people’s will, realize them in their interests and substantially ensures people genuine freedom, rights and a happy life.

He also gave perfect answers to the theoretical and practical issues in fully embodying socialist democracy―wide involvement of the working masses in the work of the people’s government, steady increase of their role in the political activities of the state, and successful promotion of socialist economic and cultural construction.

His works on consolidating the people’s government provided an important guideline for all state and power organs to fulfill their duties as organs of genuine people’s power. As a result, the Korean people were able to perform their role more fully as masters of state and society.

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