What Are Members of the Workers’ Party of Korea?

Combatants of the first division of the Party members from the capital city in the DPRK arrived at the destination construction site by repairing roads of over a dozen kilometres broken due to typhoon that hit last September, and built dwelling houses for 147 households in Unpho Workers` District and Kyongpho Workers` District of Hongwon County, and Haksadae-ri of Riwon County, South Hamgyong Province in only 18 days after groundbreaking.

As he looked round the dwelling houses associated with sweats and passion of Party members from the capital city for a long time at the construction site for recovering the natural damage in the area of east coast, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un expressed great satisfaction, saying that these houses are the crystallization of the loyalty to the Party of the Party members from the capital city and that the combat efficiency of the elite division has fully been displayed in practice.

The chairman of a Nepalese political party said that it is quite admirable that Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un sent an open letter to the Party members of the capital city, adding that the Party members of the DPRK are lucky enough to have such a leader that can only be seen in dream.

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