Unusual ‘Meeting of Parents of Students’

Recorded in the annals of the Workers` Party of Korea is June 9 Juche 58(1969) when the session of the Political Committee of the Party Central Committee was convened.

That day President Kim Il Sung gave solutions to the problems related to the preparations for new school year at the session.

He indicated detailed orientation and ways to solve all the problems arising in the new school-year preparations including the problem of building 10 000 classrooms by conducting the whole-Party and all-people movement as well as the problems of teachers and textbooks.

At the time he said today’s Political Committee session is tantamount to holding a meeting of parents of students.

History knows no such a great man as the President who showed great affection and solicitude to the children and students as the benevolent father of them so as to provide them with the excellent cradle of learning.

That is why, former Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh expressed his admiration in front of President Kim Il Sung for the enforcement of free education in the DPRK, but told him that his country could not but receive school fees from students since it would have a deficit of tens of millions of won.

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