Towards a Higher Goal (2)

On December 9, 2009 Kim Jong Il visited a factory in the northern part of the country.

Time to Write a Treatise

While looking round the factory, the General said quietly to an official from a national agency, “In case of reinvestment you must give careful consideration to the project for it.”

This was what he often said as he was inspecting the units where the CNC drive was in full swing.

Given the country’s difficult economic situation, the objectives and amount of reinvestment were of fundamental importance.

Reinvestment was precisely aimed at achieving success in the campaign to go beyond the cutting edge.

However, the officials could not comprehend why he was setting a higher goal for modernization when he was referring to reinvestment. In other words, it was important to give officials a proper understanding of reinvestment.

The General resumed:

“At present you have just increased the processing speed and improved the quality of products. Figuratively speaking, you have just taken an exam for university admission.”

The official from a national agency realized that he was shouldering a heavy responsibility.

The factories, which had been renovated by introducing CNC technology, were striving to draw up plans according to their specific conditions, but they were far below the standard set by the General.

The official admitted that he had not yet completed the reinvestment plan.

The General said sternly that reinvestment must be made and properly at that, stressing that if they rested on their laurels, the achievements they had made so far would come to naught.

Then he said to a factory official, “This is not the end of the CNC drive. You have taken the exam for university admission until now and it is time to write a treatise.”

The official pledged that they would follow his instructions.

The General went on: You must accelerate the CNC drive to attain a higher goal. Go beyond the cutting edge is a slogan for all economic sectors, and those leading the drive must advance ahead of others.

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