Meticulous Care Shown for Woman Worker

One day President Kim Il Sung inspected a textile mill.

After looking round all the workshops he called an operator.

As he asked her about her life and work he realized that she was a veteran skilled hand operating 40 machines.

Praising her highly, he encouraged her to train many juniors to be skilled workers.

The President visited the mill on several occasions afterwards.

When he learned that she left the mill after marriage he ensured that a measure was taken so that she could return to work.

On his later visit he was so happy to hear that the former skilled worker came back and acquainted himself with her living conditions.

He told the leading officials of the mill to properly furnish it with a laundry, nursery, etc so that women workers could apply themselves to their work free from cares and worries.

The meticulous concern he showed for the worker was not confined to that woman, but for all the women in the country.

It was an expression of his meticulous care and noble intention to free them all from household chores and put them forward as members of the honourable working class.

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