“Interview” for Reunification (3)

The Day of Reunification.

The interview lasted long and many guests were still active.

Suddenly, one of them, who remained silent all along, stood up and asked, “When do you think Korea will be reunified?”

To all, it was a great surprise because they considered it somewhat rude. As a matter of fact, no one could dare predict when Korea would become one again as it remained divided for more than half a century.

All stared at the man, who blushed with shame.

However, Kim Jong Il answered kindly and perspicuously: It depends on a decision by the north and south of Korea. Depending on how we make up our minds and how the Korean people pool their efforts, Korea’s reunification can be resolved immediately or not.

All clapped their hands as a token of their admiration for his concise and meaningful reply to the difficult question.

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