Stern Instructions

On August 4, 1975 an official was summoned by Kim Jong Il. Upon entering his office, he was keyed up to see his angry face. Never before had he seen him in such a bad temper.

He asked reproachfully if it was true that people still sang a song about him at ceremonious events or meetings.

The official was dumb.

By that time songs in praise of him, including the Song of Dear Comrade Kim Jong Il, were composed, which were immensely popular among men and women, young and old.

At ceremonious events, for example, they sang a song dedicated to him of their own accord, as well as the Song of General Kim Il Sung.

Kim Jong Il summoned him because he had been informed about this.

He said:

“I instructed you to ensure that people sing only the Song of General Kim Il Sung at all ceremonious events and meetings, but they do not do so yet.

“You have deliberately ignored my instructions that officials must no longer allow a song about me to be sung at ceremonious events and the prime movers be punished. It is wrong that you interpreted my instructions at will and have not carried them out.”

Then he reiterated that such a song must never be allowed.

The official decided to tell him what was on his mind.

“Dear leader! How can I forbid people to sing the song as they do it from the bottom of their hearts? I cannot do so. Even if I did, they would never listen to me.”

“Stop it,” he shouted resolutely.

He stressed that people must not be allowed to sing a song about him, saying that his greatest wish was to ensure that the song dedicated to Kim Il Sung reverberated throughout the country.

“In the future you must ensure that people do not sing any song other than the Song of General Kim Il Sung at meetings or ceremonious events. If you do not follow my instructions, I will have you dismissed from your post.”

With a stern look he ordered that he must take prompt measures to prevent the practice from being widespread, underlining that he must do what he instructed him to do if he would wage the revolution with him to the last.

The official walked out of the office and was heading for the street.

Students were marching past in fine array, singing aloud a song.

Endowed with the valiant spirit of Paektu,

He is a guiding star that has risen in the sky over Korea.

Holding high the red flag of the revolution,

He adds shine to our land of Juche.

So dear to our hearts is the leader,

Our beloved Kim Jong Il of undying fame.

The official stopped walking and thought to himself: How can I carry out his instructions as people sing the song with all their hearts?

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