Pyongyang Indoor Stadium

It stands in the centre of Chollima Street on the bank of the Pothong River.

It was inaugurated in April , Juche 62 (1973).

The Pyongyang Indoor Stadium is 350 000 m² in area, with its building area 20 000 m² and floor space about 70 000 m².

The  stands  have  four  tiers  with  a  capacity  of  over  12  000 people.

Various sports events can be played in the stadium at the same time. It is also used as the venue of national and international games.

On display here are photos, trophies and medals demonstrating the achievements the Korean sportspersons have made in international contests.

It was renovated in Juche 102 (2013).

Seen on both sides of the stadium are sculptures of athletes playing different sports events and a fountain park, which goes well with them. The nocturnal scene of the place on holidays evokes unusual feeling.

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