Event Held with Splendour to Mark 69th Anniversary of Great War Victory Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Makes Significant Speech

Amid the vigorous advance to open up the broad avenue for socialist victory under the guidance of the ever-victorious Workers’ Party of Korea, the civilians and servicepersons of the DPRK are significantly celebrating the 69th anniversary of the victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War with the high pride of heroic Korea and the heroic people which have been glorified century after century.

A grand celebration event took place in front of the Monument to the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War in the capital city of Pyongyang when the whole country is overflowing with a firm faith and will of the people to succeed as blood vessel the fighting spirit and tradition of victory, the revolutionary legacy bequeathed by the heroic generation of war veterans, and accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche without fail on the occasion of the great war victory day that provided an eternal foundation for all victories in the development course of the glorious Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the DPRK, attended the celebration event.

The grand place for education in victory tradition, where imposingly stands the main statue of victory representing the dignified appearance of heroic Korea that pronounced for the first time in history the shameful destruction on the US, the chieftain of the world’s imperialism, was filled with delight and passion of all the participants who are to significantly commemorate the great war victory day as a grand festival of glory and succession with Kim Jong Un in attendance.

A ceremony of the commemorative event was held.

The central military band of the Ministry of National Defence made different formations to the tune of revolutionary military songs full of the fighting spirit and members of the honour guard of the KPA showed dexterity with rifles.

Then paratroopers and combat flying corps demonstrated their skills.

A paratrooper dropped at an altitude of 1 200 metres, released a control parachute and threaded the nocturnal sky with a dazzling flower presenting to the defenders of the country in the great years of war victory.

The participants warmly applauded the paratrooper solemnly flying in the sky of July the sacred flag of the Republic, which the heroic soldiers, sung and unsung, defended with blood and handed down by sacrificing even their families, love, dreams, hope, youth and lives to bring about the victory of July 27.

Combat pilots of the KPA air force units, which were awarded the guard unit title with military merits for opening the way to a charge for southward advance earlier than other units during the Fatherland Liberation War, began demonstrating their aviation skills.

The participants raised cheers of admiration at the flying corps letting off fireworks of celebration and respect in the nocturnal sky on the war victory day while displaying such aerial combat flying movements as zero flights, vertical zooming and spiral climbs blowing off shower of fire.

Light melodies, dynamic rhythms and seasoned dropping and flying skills colorfully decorated the prelude of the commemorative event, indicating that during 1 129 days of the Fatherland Liberation War the service personnel and civilians of the DPRK performed great feats unprecedented in the world war history, created the centuries-old war victory myth and crowned the proud name of their country and national flag with the laurels of a full-fledged world power status, under the guidance of the great leader, the peerlessly brilliant commander.

The respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un and his wife Ri Sol Ju appeared at the event venue together with war veterans amid the playing of the welcome music.

All the participants burst into stormy cheers of “Hurrah!”, looking up at Kim Jong Un, symbolic of all victories and glory of our Party and state, who has put Juche Korea on the zenith of the times despite the unprecedented hardships, making a great history of victory to be immortal for all ages of the nation to come.

Kim Jong Un and Ri Sol Ju were presented with bunches of fragrant flowers by members of the Children’s Union.

Kim Jong Un warmly waved back to the enthusiastically cheering participants, extending warm greetings to the war veterans across the country and all other people on the war victory day.

Invited to the event were war veterans including Choe Yong Rim, Thae Jong Su, Ri Myong Su, An Sim, Kim Kyong Ok, Kim Si Hak and Ri Kil Song.

Attending it were cadres of the Party and the government together with lecturers in the sector of administration of revolutionary relics associated with the victorious war, students of revolutionary schools, university students, officials of ministries and national agencies and Pyongyangites.

Also present were senior officials of the Ministry of National Defence, commanders of the services, military and political commanding officers of large combined units and combined units and other officers and men of the Korean People’s Army.

There was a ceremony of hoisting the national flag.

Members of the honour guard of the Korean People’s Army solemnly entered the venue to the tune of the song Our National Flag, upholding the DPRK flag.

Amid the solemn playing of the DPRK national anthem, the sacred national flag was slowly hoisted up to the nocturnal sky of the war victory day.

Kim Jong Un made a significant speech commemorating the war victory day.

His speech greatly stirred up the hearts of all the participants as it was pulsating with warm love, respect and noble moral obligation toward the great revolutionary generation who honorably defended the glorious fatherland and provided an ideological and moral asset making our revolution always emerge victorious through generations to come and with the solemn declaration of the will to display forever the most dignified and independent powerful country of the people, provided at the sacrifice of forerunners, to the whole world.

When he concluded the speech, thunderous cheers of the victorious wartime generation and their descendants rocked the sky and the earth again.

The event venue was overflowing with conviction that the future of socialist Korea will be eternally bright and rosy as it is led by Kim Jong Un, who has wisely led the work to give steady continuity to the Republic’s history of war victory as the ever-victorious history, implanting in the minds of our people and servicepersons the spirit of the 1950s as golden letters.

Amid the enthusiastic cheers, the display of spectacular fireworks started.

Fireworks were gorgeously displayed in the sky over the immortal statue of Victory and other group sculptures of the heroic fighters as if they were congratulatory bouquets presented to the victorious wartime generation who created a new history of building a prosperous country by successfully following the tradition of the anti-Japanese war.

Fireworks continued to be set off amid the playing of songs dedicated to war victory associated with the ardent desire and will to bring earlier a fresh victory of Korean-style socialism true to the noble soul of forerunners, more warmly implanting the immutable truth that all victory and glory are in store on the road of faith advancing unyieldingly by dint of great ideology and unity.

The fireworks depicting the flag of the Republic and the Hero Medal and letters “Long live July 27, the day of great war victory” were also displayed in the sky, reflecting the noble tribute the motherland and the descendants pay to the heroic soldiers in the war.

A unique performance began to commemorate the great V-Day.

Put on the stage were wartime songs and pieces of popular music echoed as songs of struggle and faith in the annals of victory.

Singing the song Song of National Defence, the first wartime song that all the Korean people sang loudly while volunteering to the front and advancing to smash the enemy at the beginning of the war, and other songs of death-defying resistance created in the flames of the war, the performers highly praised the legendary feats of the defenders of the country who repelled the invasion by the US imperialists and won the victory unprecedented in history, united around President Kim Il Sung with one mind and purpose.

When the sacred image and recorded rotund voice of Kim Il Sung making a historic radio speech to arouse the whole country to the sacred war for the defence of the country and those of his announcing the victory of the Korean people at the military parade venue celebrating the victory in the war were shown and played, the audience broke into stormy applause as a token of their boundless reverence for him, the peerlessly brilliant commander who worked military miracle of the 20th century at the forefront of the confrontation with the US with his distinguished military idea and theory, superb strategy and tactics, great pluck and ardent love and trust.

The stage was full of respects to the war victors who saved the destiny and future of the country by smashing an A-bomb with a rifle and handed down the great fame and honor of being heroic Korea and heroic people to the coming generation. Put on it in succession were For My Only Motherland and other songs telling the noble spirit and soul of the generation of war victors.

Amid the playing of the song My Life recalling the worthwhile memoirs and pride of the great history of war victory, the stage gigantic screen showed the images of anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters and veterans of the DPRK armed forces organs who performed immortal feats on the sacred road for developing the revolutionary armed forces.

The performance reached its climax with the narrative poem Warriors’ Soul which reflected the respects to the victorious wartime generation who turned the war, the worst disaster, into the most sacred glory of war victory.

The audience was deeply moved by the narrative poem reflecting the solemn pledge of the successors to steadily write a history of war victory in the new century, a heroic epic of the indomitable nation of war victory, at the cost of their blood and sweat to be proud of in the world, with the absolute faith that victory is always in store for our people and the DPRK as long as they carry forward the great heroic spirit of the defenders of the country in the 1950s.

They enthusiastically applauded the programs full of the will to reliably carry forward our idea and social system and valuable tradition of victory, defended by the first defenders of the Republic at the cost of their blood, through generations and develop the sacred motherland into the more powerful and the most powerful country, which eternally prospers, to be recorded in history.

The performers also sang Battle Song of the Chinese People’s Volunteers dealing with the military merits of the excellent sons and daughters of the Chinese people who fought shoulder to shoulder with the Korean people in the same trench of the war against the imperialists’ invasion.

The performance redoubled the people’s readiness to be eternally strong and victorious holding higher the banner of self-sustenance and self-development under the leadership of Kim Jong Un for building a wealthy country with a powerful army in which the first and second generations of our revolution preciously pictured in the flames of the war and for getting the absolute prestige of socialist Korea which no formidable enemy in the world dare provoke. The performance ended with Tell, Fireworks of War Victory and July 27, Our Victory Day, the songs in praise of the war victory in the era of the Workers’ Party.

Again jubilant fireworks were set off to decorate the nocturnal sky of the holiday beautifully.

Kim Jong Un warmly took the hands of war veterans following him step by step, expressing the conviction that the victory traditions and fighting traits of the great years would become a good sustenance for bringing up our people and younger generation to be indomitable patriotic fighters and an inexhaustible source for giving steady birth to new victories and miracles.

The commemorative event, which adorned the 69th anniversary of the great war victory with glee, was a significant occasion that demonstrated the steadfast faith and will of all the people and service personnel across the country to exalt the brilliance of the country as a thriving power of Juche to be admired by the world under the guidance of the great Party Central Committee, with the invincible truth taught by the July 27 miracle, the great victory of the anti-imperialist, anti-US struggle which will be immortal in the history of the country as the powerful driving force of the revolution.

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