“Attach Importance to Science”

A high level of science and technology leads to an economic giant and vice versa.

With developed science and technology one can become strong whereas with backward science and technology one becomes weak—this is a main feature of the present times, an IT era.

With keen insight into the feature of the times, Chairman Kim Jong Il set it forth as a strategic line in building a thriving nation to attach importance to science and technology.

He visited the State Academy of Sciences as his first field guidance tour of the year 1999 on January 11, and he continued to show the scientists immense affection and trust afterwards, always keeping them in his mind.

One day over a month later, he sent them gifts three times.

Not content with this, he called a relevant senior official on the phone and said to the following effect:

Do you have some cars? What are you going to do with the deluxe cars that are the same as the ones given to ministers? I am going to send them to the Academy of Sciences. You say there wouldn’t be distinction between scientists and ministers, but such an argument doesn’t hold water. The former are not inferior to the later. Full sets of spare parts should be sent to the Academy of Sciences along with the cars. Don’t you know our Party’s idea of attaching importance to science?

He then repeated “Attach importance to science” five times, before ringing off.

The repeated words of great love for and trust in the scientists still resound in their hearts, inspiring them to strive for bringing about great progress in the building of powerful socialist nation by dint of science.

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