Meritorious Docent

On August 26, 2001 General Kim Jong Il visited the Ryongpho Revolutionary Site. At this site there is a building where in April 50 years before Kim Il Sung had met the officers and men of the Korean People’s Army to arouse them to fight perseveringly to win victory in the war.

Kim Jong Il listened attentively to the docent’s lecture and asked about her age, college and family.

She was 40. After graduating from Wonsan Teachers Training College, she had worked as a docent at a revolutionary museum in the province. Later, she had volunteered to work at this revolutionary site in a remote mountainous region. Then she married a man who, after his military service on Height 1211, was working at the Ryongpho Cooperative Farm. She became a mother of two children but, during the Arduous March and forced march, adopted 14 orphans. Now some of them were serving the army and some others were working faithfully at their jobs.

Listening to all that the docent and officials had to say, Kim Jong Il looked at her with a gratified smile and said: Today this docent gave me a good lecture. It was truthful and succinct. She has worked at the Ryongpho Revolutionary Site for 20 years since she was a girl. It is quite a long period. You say that she brought up 14 orphans during the Arduous March, some serving the army and some others working at the revolutionary site. She is laudable indeed.

Then, pulling her to his side, he said, “As a memento of your good lecture I will pose for a photo with you in front of this building of historic significance.”

One month later, recollecting the docent, he said: It is not easy to bring up so many children while working as a docent at the revolutionary site. She is a meritorious woman equipped with the revolutionary soldier spirit. Looking round the revolutionary site, I asked the excellent woman to pose for a photo with me, and she said she wished that I pose with other docents as well. This shows that she is a laudable woman who cares more about her colleagues than about herself.

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