Working Couple Open Their Heart

During his inspection tour of rebuilt Changjon Street on September 4 Juche 101(2012), supreme leader Kim Jong Un called at a house of a couple of workers who have two sons.
The couple made a deep bow to him at the entrance hall, and the supreme leader shook hands with them. He asked them what they are.
“I work at the City Landscaping Station in Central District, and my wife carries mail at the Kyongsang Branch of the Post Office,” replied the householder.
Kim Jong Un was pleased to hear him, saying “Both of you are workers.” Then he entered the living room.
He looked round the well-furnished living rooms, clean-looking kitchen and washroom.
He stepped into the children’s room to acquaint himself with their study. He saw an unfinished picture and taught a son about how to finish it. His paternal and teacher-like manner moved the couple into tears.
He also met their eldest son who came back home from school and was satisfied with his resolve to become a football star so as to add lustre to the country’s honour.
The couple were so moved by his benevolent affection and care for such an ordinary working couple’s family that they opened their heart, saying:
“Thank you very much, respected Marshal. We are so grateful to you for ensuring such a luxurious home is provided to us, ordinary workers, ahead of others. When we moved to this home, all of us shouted ‘Long live the Workers’ Party of Korea’ at the top of our voice. We would like to demonstrate to the world that ours is the world of the workers and the people’s country where ordinary people enjoy every sorts of benefits and wellbeing.”
With a huge smile on his face, Kim Jong Un said in the Korean socialism the people’s interests are the absolute priority and all the policies of the Party and government are meant for the people.
The couple’s heartfelt remarks were indeed an expression of their boundless reverence for and thanks to President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, who had built the most advantageous socialist system where the working people live the happiest life, and also supreme leader Kim Jong Un who carries forward their people-oriented politics in order to make the people enjoy all benefits of socialism.

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