Red Peach

In his childhood, Kim Il Sung used to be complimented by all the villagers as he was so devoted to his parents and elders.
It was on summer days when he was five.
At that time, there was a peach tree in the courtyard his grandfather Kim Po Hyon grew with great care.
One day, Jungson (President’s childname) stopped under a tree and looked up at peaches for a while.
The grandfather who was working on the vegetable patch straightened up and asked:
“Jungson, what are you looking at there?”
Pointing at the peaches hanging in clusters, Jungson answered.
“Grandpa, there are so many peaches on the tree. I want to pick one.”
“The peach hasn’t ripened yet. Wait a little more till it turns red.”
Then he no more asked for the peach, but looked round the fruit trees in the courtyard and went to the vegetable patch to help his grandfather with the work.
As he seemed to have some idea, the grandfather asked him:
“What are you thinking of?”
Instead of answering, Jungson asked:
“Grandpa, you have grown these fruit trees, haven’t you?”
The unexpected question puzzled the grandfather.
“Well then?”
“I am going to keep everyone from picking the peach.”
“Grandpa has sweated so much to grow them, and how can others pick first?”
The grandfather could find no words to say as the little grandson was very admirable and laudable.
A few days later, mouth-watering peaches were ripe.
With the grandfather’s permission, Jungson climbed the tree and picked fully ripened peaches.
And he chose the biggest and best-ripened one from them and presented it to the grandfather first. After that he presented peaches to the grandmother, father and mother in turn.
Only then did he share the remainder of the fruit with his friends.
Years passed and Jungson left his home to embark on the road of revolution. Afterwards his family members including the grandfather used to recall the episode of the summer days, looking at peach tree in the courtyard in the peach season every year.

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