Absolute Criterion for All Undertakings

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un always places the people’s aspirations and demands before anything else, and regards them as an absolute criterion for all undertakings.

In January Juche 104 (2015) he visited the Kumkhop General Foodstuff Factory for Sportspeople. While looking round several production lines, he dropped in at a workshop, where an official of the factory accompanying him pointed to a foodstuff and said that it is favoured by the people.

Kim Jong Un said: As people like it, I am happy, too. Nothing is better than what the people like. Their assessment is the criterion for evaluating everything. The longer I see the foodstuffs piled up here, the more pleasant I feel and the more proud they look. I am very pleased to see such a spectacular scene.

In October 2015 when he inspected the then Paekhak-dong in the Sonbong area in the city of Rason, a beautiful socialist village newly built on the flood-hit area, he stressed to the accompanying officials: The interior of the houses should be finished in a qualitative way. We can say that the housing construction has been completed well only when the people who would live in the newly-built houses are pleased with them. We should lend our ears to the people’s voices wherever and whatever we do and regard it as a criterion for our work.

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