Friendship Is Fostered through Frequent Visits (2)

Visit Pyongyang Freely

Kim Jong Il met the Russian figure again. Their talks lasted several hours. The following is an excerpt from their talks.

Kim Jong Il: The Siberian people prefer high-proof vodka. Strong liquor is a health hazard. If you like strong liquor, I will give you some bottles of Snake Liquor, a Korean specialty, when you go back home.

Guest: Thank you, respected Comrade Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Il: Promise me that next time you will bring your wife and all other members of your family with you.

Guest: I am obliged to you, but …

Kim Jong Il: Then I can taste the dishes cooked by your wife. I will give generous marks for them, so you don’t need to worry. Be sure to come with her.

Guest: I don’t worry about the marks, but all of my family will make a platoon. You know I am too old to be a platoon leader. I will bring some of them.

Kim Jong Il: You seem to think that it might be a burden on us. Even a company would do as all of you are friendly guests. I assure you that they will be entertained well. I will have air tickets sent to you. What is the hobby of your wife?

Guest: She likes reading and opera.

Kim Jong Il: In Pyongyang you can enjoy revolutionary operas such as The Sea of Blood and The Flower Girl, as well as performances given by the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble. The admission price is higher for friendly guests than for unwelcome ones. Don’t you mind it?

All laughed at this joke.

“I am afraid I am taking up too much of your time,” the guest said apologetically.

The host said that he was all right and he could make up the loss of time. He continued that he should visit Pyongyang freely, taking it as his own hometown, and stressed that friendship would be fostered through frequent visits.

“Thank you. Sure enough, I will come again,” said the Russian figure.

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