At a Goat Farm on the Phyongphung Tableland (2)

Good Idea?

General Kim Jong Il was led along an 8km-long mountain pass towards the summit 1 000m above sea level.

He was having a bird’s-eye view of the goat farm, when the county Party chief broached a proposal that had been suggested by the farmers: Given the increasing output of milk and lack of fuel, horses should be used for transport purposes.

The officials in his company thought that the idea fitted the local conditions of the county.

Kim Jong Il commented, “The chief secretary of the county Party committee has suggested using horses for the transport of milk as the number of goats and the output of milk increase and the country is running low on fuel. It is a good idea but horse-drawn carts should not be used for the purpose. Milk may degenerate on the way.”

He pointed out that it was out of the question to drive horse-drawn carts along the grazing course extending dozens of kilometres. He stressed that the milk should be transported by trucks, adding that necessary vehicles and fuel should be supplied in a planned way.

It was before daybreak that he arrived at the goat farm. Now the sun was rising above the horizon when he made the rounds of a branch school and a shop.

Before his departure Kim Jong Il said to the officials: You should draw up a bold plan to increase the number of goats. You should render a positive contribution to improving the diet of the local people by raising more goats and boosting the output of dairy products. You should also take good care of the farmers who are working with patriotic zeal in the remote mountains to implement the Party’s policy.

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