‘I Will Become Your Adjutant’

In August Juche 74(1985), the then commander of the Far East Military District of the former Soviet Union, during his DPRK visit, met with Chairman Kim Jong Il and received his teachings.

He was entirely attracted by the profound and versatile military knowledge of the Chairman, which he said was unable to describe even by the words “brilliant and encyclopedic”.

He stood up calmly, straightened his uniform and made a military salute. “Respected Comrade Kim Jong Il, from now on I will become an adjutant of you, General Kim Jong Il. I will regard it as the greatest glory to be your adjutant,” he said, and stepped back to sit at an adjutant`s seat.

The Chairman repeatedly asked him to come and sit on his original seat, but he only answered as follows:
“I am an adjutant of General Kim Jong Il.”

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