Bringing into Reality Noble Desire of ‘People are My God’

The monumental edifices for people, which were desired by President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, have risen up in all parts of the DPRK.

Every one of them is closely associated with the pure loyalty and moral obligation of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who perfectly fulfils the lofty intentions of the great leaders who loved people the most during their lifetime.

Kim Jong Un appointed the sites and organized the design and execution of the constructions as intended by the Chairman and visited the building sites and drew lines in his handbook or on the ground to inform the builders of the intention of the Chairman.  He even climbed up a high-rise apartment house under construction and gave meticulous instructions so that the love and benevolence of the Chairman could fill every corner of the house.

Under the wise guidance of the Supreme Leader who brings into brilliant fruition the noble idea of “People are My God” on this land which is etched with the whole lives of the great leaders, the DPRK will prosper forever as a paradise of the people.

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