The Assassination of Kim Ku

Out of his desire for national reunification Kim Ku participated in the Joint Conference of Representatives of Political Parties and Public Organizations in North and South Korea held in April 1948 regardless of despicable acts of the US imperialists. He also opposed the ruinous May 10 separate elections and doggedly stood against the colonial rule in south Korea by the US imperialists and their attempts to perpetuate the division of the Korean nation.

This being the case, the US imperialists went into a full-scale operation to kill Kim.

G-2, the intelligence agency under US 24th Army, predecessor of the south Korean branch of the CIA, hatched a plot to assassinate him according to the secret order of the CIA. The plan was conveyed to a secret agitating point in south Korea under the CIA. The agitating point worked out action programme and selected An Tu Hui for the murderer.

An, the son of a great landlord who fled to south Korea after the country’s liberation, joined a reactionary organization and then the south Korean army where he received special training.

At noon on June 26 1949 Kim was assassinated by An at his house in Sodaemun, Seoul.

The truth behind Kim’s death was not revealed for long by the US imperialists and their stooges.

On March 27 1987 a south Korean Kwon Jung Hwa, who had been seeking out the murderer, found him out at Maphogu in Seoul and delivered a telling blow at him. An confessed that he killed Kim at the instigation of the US imperialists, because he was under the pressure of strong demand and protest by the progressive circles and patriotic people in south Korea.

On October 23 1996 An was clubbed to death by a bus driver Pak Ki So.

All these facts clearly prove that the US imperialists are to blame for Kim’s assassination.

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