Great Honour Shown to War Veterans

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un had a photo session with the participants in the Fourth National Conference of War Veterans on July 29 Juche 104(2015) in front of the Fatherland Liberation War Martyrs Cemetery.

The participants extended their deep gratitude to the Supreme Leader who warmly congratulated the war veterans and wartime meritorious persons by attending the conference though he was so busy with state affairs and today arranged a meaningful photo session in front of the cemetery, which was unprecedented in history, by reading the thoughts of the war veterans who, for over six decades, remembered their comrades-in-arms who had fallen in the Fatherland Liberation War without seeing the day of victory.

The Supreme Leader warmly waved back to the cheering veterans.

The veterans were deeply grateful to him for giving them great encouragement and showing them immense love and trust, and pledged themselves to perform their revolutionary duty as the victor generation.

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