Photo Session with Participants in 10th Congress of Youth League

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, had a photo session with the participants in the 10th Congress of the youth league on April 29.

Present there were Jo Yong Won, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau and secretary for organizational affairs of the WPK Central Committee, Ri Il Hwan, secretary of the Party Central Committee, Kim Jae Ryong, department director of the Party Central Committee, and Kwon Yong Jin, director of the General Political Bureau of the Korean People’s Army.

The participants in the Congress were greatly excited and delighted as they were honoured to have a photo taken at the plaza of the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, the supreme sanctuary of Juche, with the respected General Secretary who made sure that the 10th Congress of the youth league was glorified as the occasion of epochal turn which marked a milestone of fresh development in the history of the Juche-oriented youth movement, and gave fighting programme for strengthening the youth league.

When Kim Jong Un arrived at the venue of the photo session, all the participants raised stormy cheers of “Hurrah!” as a token of their deep reverence for him who treasures and loves young people most and brings them up to be the reliable successors to the dignified WPK and the pillars of the socialist state.

He warmly waved back to the enthusiastically cheering participants as a token of his encouragement to them.

He said that with the Congress held amid special interest of the Party as an occasion, the youth movement should definitely turn into the great driving force of socialist construction and all the young people should be prepared to be patriotic youth firmly safeguarding socialism and dedicating themselves to socialist construction so as to make the whole country be enlivened by them and steadily increase the ranks of exemplary young people of virtue.

He posed for a photo with the participants, expressing his belief that they would make tangible contributions to hastening the bright future of the Korean-style socialism by becoming the first standard-bearers in developing the youth league into the red vanguard ranks and steel-strong youth organization modelled on the revolutionary idea of the WPK and by becoming shock troopers who take the lead in opening the road of advance for carrying out the five-year plan set forth at the 8th Congress of the Party.

All the participants were firmly resolved to powerfully demonstrate the stamina and indomitable might of the young vanguard and patriotic youths unfailingly loyal to the ideology and leadership of the Party in the gigantic advance toward the fresh victory of the revolution, upholding the flag of the Socialist Patriotic Youth League carrying the great trust and expectation of the respected General Secretary as the banner of struggle.


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