Three Principles for National Reunification

The three principles for national reunification put forward by President Kim Il Sung are a reunification programme common to the Korean nation.

At the conversations with the south Korean delegates to the high-level political talks between the north and south of Korea held in May Juche 61 (1972), Kim Il Sung clarified the three principles, the fundamental principles which constitute the basis for resolving the reunification issue.

The gist of them is independence, peaceful reunification and great national unity.

Their main contents are as follows:

First, national reunification should be achieved independently without reliance on outside forces and free from their interference.

Secondly, national reunification should be achieved by peaceful means without resorting to arms.

Thirdly, great national unity should be promoted by transcending the differences in ideas, ideals and systems.

The three principles serve as the most reasonable great reunification programme for the Korean people in their efforts to reunify their country by themselves without foreign intervention under the banner of independence.

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