Ryonggang Hot Spa House

It is situated in the midwestern part of Korea.

It is famous for treating hypertension, arthritis, neuralgia, aftereffects of surgical operation, gynecological disorders, chronic gastritis and colitis, skin diseases and other troubles.

It wins popularity in Korea, for it contains more minerals than any other hot spas and additionally radon and bromine ions. It is equipped with modern facilities for radon gas bath, full and local baths, shower bath and internal treatment.

The spa house uses the Yesongsan mineral water as drinking water. If you drink the mineral water and take a bath in this spa, you will recover youth and vigour.

The spa house consists of seven buildings with 28 rooms, each of which has compartments for treatment and sleeping. The comprehensive building has the karaoke lounge, banquet hall, billiard room and other service facilities.

At the lake near the house you can fish carp and mullet and cook them by yourself. The clam barbeque served at the spa house is very impressive.

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