A Moment of Lofty Love

One mid-summer day Marshal Kim Jong Un inspected the Persimmon-Tree Company which is recorded in the history of Songun-based revolution of the Workers’ Party of Korea and well known to the whole country.

Kim Jong Un, after going around different places of the company associated with immortal exploits of the great Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, said that he got immensely excited only to hear the word “Persimmon-Tree Company”, adding that the company was well known to the whole country and the whole world as a unit permeated with Chairman Kim Jong Il’s love for soldiers in his history of Songun-based revolutionary leadership.

That day Kim Jong Un showed affectionate concern for the soldiers’ living conditions and had a photo session with each of them as he found them reluctant to part with him.

The service personnel of the company were deeply moved to see him devote time to their good although he spends days of endless devotion, bearing the destiny of his country and nation.

Indeed, it was a moment of lofty love that can only be shown by Kim Jong Un.

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