Chairman Kim Jong Il’s Anectodes

  • Jan- 2017 -
    24 January

    A Scene Not Photographed

    On January 23, 2003 Kim Jong Il’s car arrived at the forward command post of a KPA unit on the front…

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  • 23 January

    Penalty Remitted (2)

    An Official Comes Back That day General Kim Jong Il wound up his inspection and left the unit. The day was short…

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  • 22 January

    Penalty Remitted (1)

    Asking Three Times On December 18, 2002 General Kim Jong Il was inspecting a unit of the KPA. Seeing the soldiers under…

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  • 20 January

    Exceptional Report

    The following happened on March 1, 2002, when General Kim Jong Il visited a women’s company of the KPA. That day he…

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  • 14 January

    Great Joy (3)

    Emergency Call Kim Jong Il gazed at the picturesque barracks and the surrounding area and said, “Emergency, this is an emergency.” Everyone…

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  • 13 January

    Great Joy (2)

    Commendation The General noticed the watchwords, including Bravery and Fortitude, affixed to the pillars in the barracks. “What are those?” he asked. “They represent…

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  • 12 January

    Great Joy (1)

    The following happened on May 25, 2001, when General Kim Jong Il was inspecting a company of the KPA.  Filled with Fragrance…

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  • 6 January

    Smiling Girl

    On January 6, 1964 a girl in charge of sound recording at the Korean Film Studio was engrossed in her…

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  • Dec- 2016 -
    28 December

    Incidental or Inevitable

    In February 1963 Kim Jong Il, accompanying Kim Il Sung, visited the frontline heights in the western sector of the front and,…

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  • 26 December

    “Mysterious” Glasses

    On the early morning of May 22, 1998 Kim Jong Il’s car was climbing to a unit of the KPA on…

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  • 25 December

    “Tell Me Frankly”

    On June 25, 2001, Kim Jong Il inspected a unit of the KPA. After seeing the women soldiers under training, he called…

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  • 24 December

    Worthy of Praise

    The following happened on September 28, 1997, when Kim Jong Il was inspecting a unit of the KPA. In the mess hall…

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  • 22 December

    Water, Not Fish

    On September 15 1997 Kim Jong Il inspected an island-defending unit of the KPA. The wind was hissing and raging as he…

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  • 20 December

    Mobilization Order

    By an order for the mobilization of the KPA all its units were immediately deployed over the vast expanse of…

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  • 18 December

    Teacher Who Was Taught

    On January 1, 1997 Kim Jong Il visited Mangyongdae Revolutionary School. The teacher, who was assigned to guide him at the room…

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  • 16 December

    On a Running Train (3)

    Blessed with Soldiers On December 1, 1996 Kim Jong Il visited the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su Guards 105th Tank Division of the…

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  • 15 December

    On a Running Train (2)

    Cards Kim Jong Il changed the subject, saying, “The officers who do not know how to play cards cannot become intimate with…

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  • 14 December

    On a Running Train (1)

    On June 3, 1996 Kim Jong Il was on a train to inspect units of the KPA. Interesting Film While specifying ways…

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  • 12 December

    A Boxing Match Suspended

    It was April 25, 1996, the founding anniversary of the KPA. In the morning Kim Jong Il was planning an inspection trip…

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  • 11 December

    Two Soldiers from Kophung County

    On March 20, 1996 Kim Jong Il reached Chol Pass on the way back from his inspection trip to the army units…

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