Great Joy (3)

Emergency Call

Kim Jong Il gazed at the picturesque barracks and the surrounding area and said, “Emergency, this is an emergency.”

Everyone was surprised at this abrupt order.

He resumed that all the officers of the KPA including those of the units of arms and services must visit this company that had been laid out in an excellent fashion and learn from its example.

“Yes. We will arrange the visit later.”

Kim Jong Il said with a poker face:

This is my order. Issue an emergency call quickly. This is not a call to cope with any contingent event or any critical situation. It is a call to generalize a good thing, a positive example.

Now the officials realized his intention and told him that they would immediately call all the commanders.

He went on to say:

Probably, this will be an emergency call unprecedented in the history of army building. A few days’ delay in aiding farmers does not matter. They must see this. Call all of them… Order them to stop what they are doing. They must come immediately before acacia blossoms fade and fall.

By this order the officers of the units of arms and services, those on the front line and others who had been aiding farmers were all called to this company.

They were told on the spot why they were summoned abruptly.

Making the rounds of the company they got a good impression and felt remorseful for their poor performance.

They made a fresh decision to follow suit.

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